• No, we are not going to add a forum, ever. Fuck forums.
  • You'll be able to upload and edit galleries soon.


  • Unlimited favorites.
  • Tag blacklisting.
  • Three gorgeous themes: light, blue, and black.


  • You can search for multiple terms at the same time, and this will return only galleries that contain both terms. For example, anal tanlines finds all galleries that contain both anal and tanlines.
  • You can exclude terms by prefixing them with -. For example, anal tanlines -yaoi matches all galleries matching anal and tanlines but not yaoi.
  • Exact searches can be performed by wrapping terms in double quotes. For example, "big breasts" only matches galleries with "big breasts" somewhere in the title or in tags.
  • These can be combined with tag namespaces for finer control over the query: parodies:railgun -tag:"big breasts".
  • You can search for galleries with a specific number of pages with pages:20, or with a page range: pages:>20 pages:<=30.
  • You can search for galleries uploaded within some timeframe with uploaded:20d. Valid units are h, d, w, m, y. You can use ranges as well: uploaded:>20d uploaded:<30d.

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